Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”)


More than ever, investors, the media, and boards are focused on the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) issues. ESG issues not only impact social discourse, they influence investor decisions as well as the way boards steward corporate values and oversee risk management.

As ESG issues and strategies continue to shape boardroom agendas, shareholder priorities, and employee values, Blank Rome’s cross-disciplinary team of attorneys works with boards of directors and management to provide guidance on ESG frameworks, standards, and rating systems, and to help boards oversee ESG strategies, reporting, and disclosure.

Our capabilities include advising clients on:

  • ESG strategy design and implementation
  • Board ESG agenda
  • ESG due diligence
  • Impact investing
  • Virtual power purchase agreements and other renewables-related opportunities
  • Compliance with climate change-related protocols
  • Insurance coverage related to climate events
  • Due diligence for brownfields and advice on land use restrictions
  • Environmental liability in mergers and acquisitions as well as Environmental Compliance Management
  • International trade, sanctions, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) compliance counseling
  • Data privacy and stewardship
  • Human capital considerations, including:
    • Diversity, equity, and inclusion, including employment law updates and mandatory training programs
    • Reporting and procedures related to #MeToo
    • Adapting workforce policies and programs
    • Legal and regulatory oversight to recruit and retain the best talent
    • Protection of corporate assets and trade secrets
    • Remote workforce data vulnerabilities
    • Evolving role of artificial intelligence
    • Gig-economy workforce management


Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee

Partner & Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

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