Diversity & Inclusion

On the Side of Inclusion

Blank Rome’s true capital is our human capital. We offer innovative solutions to the complex needs of our clients through the intellectual power of our attorneys and professionals, informed by their diverse attributes, backgrounds, and experiences.

Blank Rome was formed in 1946 by attorneys who, because of their religion, were barred from joining many established law firms. Our founders’ vision for our firm was of a place where people of diverse backgrounds could gather to practice law.

Our firm’s diversity and inclusion goal is threefold:

  1. to make Blank Rome a place where everyone can do their best work;
  2. to make Blank Rome a place where everyone can bring their “whole selves” to work; and
  3. to increase and harness our diverse talents and competencies to enhance the firm’s client service.

With the support of our firm’s dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Committee, director of diversity and inclusion, chairman, and managing partner and CEO, Blank Rome continues our longstanding mission of and commitment to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion through progressive firm-wide initiatives, including strategic recruiting and mentoring, networking opportunities, career development and advancement programs, and ongoing outreach to the local and national communities in which our firm has a presence.

One of Blank Rome’s most notable diversity and inclusion initiatives has been the development and launch of our firm-wide affinity groups—BR Pride, BR United, BR Parents, and BR Women—that provide a forum for our women, parent, and diverse attorneys and professionals to network and exchange ideas. Members of our firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee are active participants in and sponsors of each affinity group, which host dinners, receptions, and other events throughout the year that offer our diverse attorneys and professionals the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships throughout all of our offices as well as build stronger networks and connections with our clients.

To learn more about Blank Rome’s recent diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, please read our 2020 edition of Perspectives

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