“Everyone there was professional, personable and knowledgeable. I have no hesitation recommending them.”

— Client feedback, Chambers USA

Technology, both as an industry itself, and when considered as a strategic asset, requires a specific combination of legal, technical, and business understanding to ensure successful deployment. The competition for audience, for capital, for ideas, is fierce, and regulatory regimes are barely keeping up. 

To excel in this climate, you need business advisers with deep understanding of the legal and regulatory framework you work within. You also need legal advisers who know your industry, know the risks, and know what it takes to find a competitive advantage. Blank Rome provides both, and our technology attorneys are experienced with the wide range of business and legal needs specific to technology companies, as well as private equity, joint venture, and individual investors focused on the technology industry. Our coast-to-coast, multidisciplinary team of regulatory, corporate transactions, litigation, and IP attorneys provide comprehensive support for our clients on a broad range of issues, including advice relating to blockchain and digital currency, IoT privacy, biometrics, website accessibility, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and artificial intelligence.  

We also provide guidance to serve companies across the broad range of industries which seek to leverage technology to further the goals of their business. We work with clients at every stage of their business cycle, including IP due diligence, content development, licensing agreements, financing, and sales and acquisitions. 

How We Can Help

  • Cloud computing and software as a service (“SaaS”) agreements
  • Licensing and distribution
  • Acquisitions and sales
  • Joint ventures, co-development, and joint marketing agreements
  • Technology development agreements, implementations for software applications, development of mobile applications
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Tax structuring and planning
  • Blockchain technology and regulatory counseling surrounding digital currency/tokens and money transmissions
  • FinTech products and services
  • Financing and raising capital
  • Intellectual property, including patent, trademark, and copyright protection and enforcement
  • Content creation, protection, and commercialization, including publishing, music, media, and entertainment agreements
  • Monetizing technology, outsourcing, and off-shoring
  • Telecoms network infrastructure
  • Artificial intelligence technologies
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Insurance coverage
  • Government contracts
  • Government relations
  • Data security and other privacy agreements, including relating to the collection, use, licensing, and sale of aggregate and personally identifiable information
  • Data privacy protection and cybersecurity, including issues surrounding Internet of Things (“IoT”) and biometrics
  • Branding, promotions, advertising, marketing, and sponsorship
  • Employment and talent acquisition and retention
  • ADA/website accessibility issues
  • University technology transfers
  • Biotechnology, nanotechnology, and other life sciences agreements, and technology transfer agreements
  • Cooperative research and development agreements (“CRADA”), material transfer agreements (“MTA”), and sponsored research agreements


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