Honors and Awards

Blank Rome Attorneys Named to 2020 Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll

Blank Rome LLP is pleased to announce that 56 attorneys were named to the 2020 Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll, which recognizes attorneys who provided 50 or more hours of pro bono service (or 100 or more hours of service for “High Honors”) last calendar year. Recognized attorneys are members of the D.C. Bar and/or authorized to perform pro bono work in the District of Columbia.

The Honor Roll is jointly sponsored by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, and was first established as part of the 2011 National Celebration of Pro Bono by the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center and the D.C. Access to Justice Commission. To see the full list of the 2020 Honor Roll honorees, please click here.

Pro bono service is encouraged and supported across Blank Rome, through training, mentoring, and promoting a culture that recognizes the importance of ensuring that everyone has equal access to legal representation. Blank Rome’s formal pro bono policy requires that each of our attorneys and paralegals undertake at least 25 hours of pro bono service every year. In 2021, as we celebrate Blank Rome’s 75th anniversary, our firm is encouraging that our attorneys and paralegals complete 75 hours of pro bono service this year in recognition of this milestone.


Scott Arnold

William E. Lawler

Kierstan L. Carlson

Dana S. Merkel

Jennifer L. Carrier

Dominique A. Meyer

Dominique L. Casimir

Victoria Ortega

Ross E. Coe

Alexander S. Perry

Joseph E. Culleiton

Adrien C. Pickard

Tjasse L. Fritz

Lamiya N. Rahman

Sara N. Gerber

Adrienne C. Rogove

Ariel S. Glasner

Stefanos N. Roulakis

Emma C. Jones

Jane Thomas

Lisa M. Kaas

Peter I. Tsoflias


Alexander H. Berman

Mary Ann Knoeckel

George D. Billinson

Albert B. Krachman

Mark Blondman

Barry Wm. Levine

Joan M. Bondareff

Namrata Loomba

Bridget Mayer Briggs

Michael S. Marcus

Robyn N. Burrows

Tara Laster Marcus

James S. Carter

Kendra H. Merchant

Henry C. Cashen

James R. O’Neill

Justin A. Chiarodo

Ameya V. Paradkar

Brendan D. Delany

Joseph G. Poluka

Jason R. Eig

Adam Proujansky

Jon Grossman

Charles W. Saber

Alex E. Hassid

Michael I. Sanders

John E. Heintz

Frederick G. Sandstrom

Michael Joseph

Shareen Sarwar

Peter H. Jost

Brett A. Snyder

James D. Kelly

Stephen A. Soffen