Blank Rome’s corporate cannabis attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the legal, regulatory, and business complexities faced by companies operating in the cannabis industry. We help our clients with developing and executing legal and business strategies to take advantage of transactional opportunities in this rapidly expanding sector.

Our cannabis team was among the first in the United States to develop and utilize its extensive corporate and finance experience to create a practice specifically to support the cannabis industry. This has placed our team at the forefront of the industry and allowed us to evolve with the rapidly developing cannabis business throughout the country.

As a growing number of states legalize cannabis for medicinal and adult use, businesses, lenders, and investors as well as vendors and ancillary companies involved in cultivating, processing, distributing, and dispensing marijuana and marijuana-based products face uncharted territory in this highly regulated business environment. This industry is one of the newest and most challenging areas to operate in, both for businesses and investors. Given the diverging federal and state laws, these companies benefit from experienced corporate attorneys who can help them navigate unique economic challenges and risks.

Our team offers unrivaled experience and can provide a full and multidisciplinary scope of services including: cannabis business formation, legal and regulatory compliance, corporate structuring, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, fund formation, debt and equity financing, real estate acquisitions and leasing, receiverships, workouts and restructurings, labor and employment issues, data privacy and security, intellectual property protection, 280E taxation issues, and, if necessary, litigation services.

In this quickly evolving industry, creating and maintaining relationships is vital to a successful business venture. Clients can be introduced to our extensive network of venture capitalists, private equity investors, investment bankers, and entrepreneurs that can help your business raise the capital it needs to grow.

Note: Notwithstanding recent changes in state laws, federal law remains unchanged and the cultivation, possession, and/or sale of marijuana and related cannabis products continues to be illegal under federal law. For that reason, our services are strictly limited to advising clients regarding the validity, scope, and meaning of state laws regarding medical and adult-use of marijuana. None of our services are intended to assist clients with violations of federal law.

What Sets Us Apart

Blank Rome’s Cannabis team includes lawyers with more than a decade of experience working with and building relationships with cannabis clients looking to take advantage of, as well as expand, their opportunities in this emerging area. Our team members’ contributions have received numerous awards and accolades:

  • Recognized by Law360 as a 2023 Cannabis Practice Group of the Year, one of only five groups nationwide selected for this prestigious award.
  • Named 2022 “Cannabis MVPs of the Year” by Law360.
  • Members of our team have also been recognized for leadership in the field of cannabis law, earning titles such as:
    • New England Trailblazer by The American Lawyer.
    • Cannabis Trailblazer by the National Law Journal.

How We Can Help

Blank Rome’s attorneys take a multidisciplinary approach to help cannabis businesses meet their objectives by combining the skills and knowledge of an integrative team across multiple practices and offices. Among the services we perform for clients in this industry are:


Blank Rome’s corporate and transactional attorneys offer sound legal and business advice, from day-to-day management and strategic planning to paving the way for a once-in-a-lifetime deal. Whether it be securing financing through a bank now accepting cannabis related deposits, identifying the most effective tax structure, or raising capital through a private equity fund, we have the know-how to address your specific needs.

We advise multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, emerging businesses, small businesses, and everything in between. Our corporate capabilities are bolstered by nationally recognized litigation, tax, securities, and finance attorneys.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Business transactions and deals are at the core of any business wishing to grow. Blank Rome’s team of experienced Mergers & Acquisitions (“M&A”) attorneys understand that successful transactions take thorough attention to detail, knowledge of the cannabis business and environment, as well as a sound strategy to bring all the pieces together to complete the deal. We can also arrange public and private financing to fund transactions.

Our team works with clients on both the buy side and sell side for cannabis business transactions. Whether it is selling a small business or ushering in multimillion-dollar mergers, Blank Rome is on hand to help close any deal throughout multiple jurisdictions. Given the strength of our firm’s national practice in key markets, we are well positioned to help you expand anywhere across the country.


Effective and innovative responses to this emerging industry are critical to our clients’ ability to remain competitive and plan (as well as execute) on their core strategies. Securing reliable banking services can be one of the most difficult hurdles a new or expanding marijuana-related business will face.

Leveraging our network and experience, we help clients gain access to the growing number of banks presently accepting cannabis-related deposits and/or providing debt financing and guide businesses on how to prepare all documents and due diligence packets that will be required as part of the initial account opening process. Our team helps clients evaluate and secure compliant solutions for all financial service-related needs, including payroll, accounting, point-of-sale systems, merchant processing services, and insurance, among others.


While no business wants to experience a bankruptcy, if it is unavoidable, the ability to restructure a company’s debt and retain its value is of the utmost importance. Blank Rome leverages its unparalleled experience in corporate and financial restructurings and workouts in the non-cannabis sector to enable our clients to achieve the results they need and deserve during challenging financial times. Our team has represented companies in bankruptcies, state court and federal receiverships, judicial and non-judicial assignments for benefit of creditors (“ABC”), Article 9 secured party sales, commercial real estate foreclosures, and creditor litigation, as well as the negotiation and restructuring of debt obligations in some cases totaling billions. They bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to their cannabis clients.

Distressed business environments can also provide tremendous opportunities for strategic transactions. We aim to maximize successful outcomes for our clients by taking a pragmatic approach, combining practical experience and creative strategies that address the nuances of each case.

We represent all stakeholders in insolvency related matters–whether secured creditors, borrowers, acquirers, landlords, investors, equity holders, or vendors. We know that such financial circumstances will provide major opportunities for buyers to take advantage of strategic opportunities and guide them through distressed acquisitions. We understand that different tactics and strategies need to be employed depending upon who is being represented, and we have no learning curve given our unmatched experience and extensive cannabis industry knowledge. We will protect your interests and help you achieve and exceed your goals.

Capital Markets

Blank Rome has been advising clients in sophisticated capital-raising transactions for more than 65 years. Our practice combines our attorneys’ experience in corporate, securities, and tax law matters with the crucial business acumen our clients demand. We understand the underlying business transaction as well as the complex regulatory framework that governs the way offerings are made in today’s marketplace.

Our cannabis team has experience representing financial institutions of all kinds, including banks, credit unions, investment bankers and investment companies, as well as merchant processors, in entering the cannabis industry with fully compliant services.

Our firm guides and counsels financial institutions from beginning to end on how to provide compliant financial services to cannabis-related business customers consistent with existing Bank Secrecy Act obligations and the 2014 FinCEN Guidance, including providing boardroom education for directors and executive teams as well as developing compliant cannabis lending programs.

We also assist on a wide spectrum of related issues, including conducting cannabis-related risk assessments, reviewing and customizing operating policies and procedures, and helping with vendor due diligence and contract negotiations. Our team can also provide audit assistance, advanced Bank Secrecy Act training for all levels of employees, and examination support designed to ensure your financial institution is prepared to demonstrate the risk-focused approach it takes when providing financial services to marijuana-related businesses.

The valuable relationships and connections that we have made within these industries, paired with our in-depth knowledge of the cannabis space, allow us to better guide our private equity clients toward the most advantageous opportunities.

Privacy, Security & Data Protection

Blank Rome’s national team of experienced privacy, security, and data protection attorneys have spent decades at the cutting edge of technology helping clients navigate the patchwork of data privacy laws and myriad of issues posed by digital technologies, IT, outsourcing, marketing, and data rights transactions in a variety of sectors from healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical devices to the cannabis, food & beverage, e-commerce, consumer goods, financial services, and FinTech industries.

Our multidisciplinary team of leading cybersecurity and data privacy professionals advises clients on the potential consequences of cybersecurity threats and how to implement comprehensive measures for mitigating cyber risks, prepares customized strategy and action plans, and provides ongoing support and maintenance to promote cybersecurity awareness.


With decades of tax planning experience, Blank Rome’s tax attorneys have handled a wide variety of sophisticated transactions working alongside M&A and real estate teams on middle-market deals and those into the billions. We can also help you with federal, state, local, international, and cross-border tax implications as they relate to individuals, closely held companies, and multinational corporations.

Our tax attorneys have a proven track record of delivering value to our clients. We do this by making a few simple promises: (1) to understand your business goals and objectives in light of 280E’s huge impact upon the cannabis industry; (2) to use a common-sense and pragmatic approach—whether in crafting a solution to a complex tax issue, presenting an argument to a tribunal, or structuring a fee arrangement; (3) to deliver potential solutions in a cost-effective manner; and (4) to forge a strong and long-standing relationship through frequent and open communication.


All developing businesses need to have the right litigators in their corner. Strategic litigation is an indispensable tool for businesses of all kinds, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Our team has significant experience helping cannabis clients with shareholder disputes, construction litigation, fiduciary duty claims, as well as various regulatory enforcement actions.

Blank Rome’s litigation team is practical and aggressive, and committed to minimizing any business disruption that litigation can cause, while getting your case to trial or settlement with an efficient approach that maximizes your outcome. At every step, our team is here to help you weigh all of the risks and rewards and protect your interests from start to finish.

Real Estate

Success in the real estate industry depends in large part on outside forces. Economic booms and busts, rising and falling interest rates, and even an atmosphere of optimism or pessimism can mean success or failure for a project. Blank Rome’s real estate attorneys can help you build a strong foundation for your business to take advantage of (or withstand) all market fluctuations.

Our cannabis team has assisted clients with numerous real estate transactions, including real estate acquisitions and leasing, real estate financings, and loans, as well as helping clients with issues impacted by various national and state level cannabis laws and regulations.


  • Represented clients in hundreds of millions of dollars of M&A transactions from small license sales to acquisitions and mergers of publicly traded cannabis and hemp operators.
  • Obtained the first receivership in Massachusetts of a cannabis operator which owed the client a debt of $25 million.
  • Represented two affiliated companies in a four-way merger, resulting in one of the largest vertically integrated operators in California.
  • Arranged and sourced on behalf of numerous cannabis clients over $150 million in loans.
  • Represented a precision hardware and software cultivation solutions developer in its $50 million acquisition of two leading cannabis and hemp extraction, post-processing, and testing equipment and services companies.
  • Represented a lender and specialty investment firm in protecting its interests in a more than $22 million loan to a Massachusetts cannabis company, resulting in the state court issuing the first ever receivership order of a cannabis company in Massachusetts.
  • Assisted a digital payments platform company in creating, capitalizing, and launching its revolutionary digital consumer credit platform, providing a much-needed payment solution to the predominantly cash-based cannabis industry.
  • Assisted a major investment firm in its investment in a fully integrated company that brings pharmaceutical industry precision to the development, production, and dispensing of medical cannabinoids.
  • Represented a Las Vegas-based medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in connection with tax advice and structuring in compliance with local and federal laws.
  • Represented a technology firm providing cannabis and hemp process equipment in connection with executive compensation matters.
  • Represented a Canadian-based publicly held pharmaceutical company in connection with patent advice and counseling through a freedom to operate (“FTO”) search for cannabis transdermal patch.
  • Defended an individual owner and operator of a public Southern California cannabis and beverage company in response to SEC enforcement action for alleged "pump and dump" scheme.
  • Represented a client in a bridge financing and business combination with two companies to create a new entity; one of the largest leading California cannabis companies.
  • Represented numerous clients in capital raises and debt financings to fund acquisitions and development of vertically integrated cannabis operations.
  • Represented numerous clients in acquisition of cannabis retail, cultivation, and product manufacturing operators.
  • Represented a secured lender obtaining a receivership in Nevada in which the borrower’s assets, including its cannabis licenses, were being sold.
  • Represented clients in hundreds of millions of dollars of M&A transactions from small license sales to acquisitions and mergers of publicly traded cannabis and hemp operators.
  • Represented various banks and credit unions across the country to establish compliant cannabis banking and lending programs in accordance with FinCEN guidance and the Bank Secrecy Act.
  • Representation of national cannabis operators and ancillary cannabis businesses with respect to M&A, debt and equity financings, joint ventures, and restructurings and receiverships.
  • Representation of lenders, equity investors, and funds with respect to investing in the cannabis industry.

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