Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


    In today’s business world, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DEI”) principles are integrally intertwined with corporate goals, including Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) priorities.

    Even before the global and national disruptions of 2020—from the coronavirus pandemic to a national reckoning on social justice issues—many companies were at inflection points related to their broader roles in the economy and in the communities in which they operate and serve. Driven by changes in culture, generational shifts, and consumer trends, many companies were already considering their ESG impact on investors, consumers, workforce, and leadership and management teams.

    The many stakeholders in private and public corporations—including boards of directors, employees, consumers, individual investors, investment companies, global supply chains, and the communities they impact—look to make positive contributions along with delivering strong financial performances.

    Research strongly shows companies perform best when they value and promote DEI in their leadership and management teams; in their human capital management; and in their programs, services, and other offerings. Indeed, embracing differences of experience, perspectives, and opinions helps drive company financial outperformance and increased customer and workforce satisfaction. Now is an exciting time to develop proactive strategies to make positive impacts within your companies, in your communities, and to your bottom line.

    How We Can Help

    Blank Rome is here to help companies of all sizes, for profit and nonprofit, build effective and impactful internal and external-facing DEI and ESG programs and initiatives. Our DEI services are led by a team of individuals with deep experience with these issues and include:

    • Developing and presenting DEI education programs for boards, executive leadership, management, and staff on topics such as: inclusive leadership, respectful workplace, implicit bias and harassment, microaggressions, allyship, intergenerational differences, gender identity and expression, and other DEI topics
    • Consulting on strategic plan design and implementation around DEI and ESG initiatives
    • Developing DEI and ESG best practices and programs across all levels of an organization
    • Integrating DEI and ESG principles into codes of conduct, policies, and procedures
    • Developing shareholder and other public-facing communications related to DEI and ESG, including assisting with annual ESG reporting
    • Assisting with crisis communications strategies related to DEI and ESG issues and social media impacts
    • Addressing workplace-related legal and policy issues associated with implementing DEI and ESG programs
    • Developing pro bono initiatives that advance corporate DEI and ESG priorities

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