Legal Perspective for Foodservice Pros: Thoughts on the New Normal

Total Food Service

As the world looks like it’s emerging from almost two years of this pandemic, it’s a great time for growth and expansion. But there are still a lot of unique challenges that we, as an industry, need to overcome. With our team of skilled lawyers at Blank Rome, and the firm’s emphasis on talent and diversity, we are prepared to help our hospitality client base capitalize on post-pandemic opportunities and make the most of this new era.

As I assess the potential of the "New Normal," I start with a look at my own career path. When I first entered the hospitality and restaurant industry, working with commercial and employment law, and then general counsel for Cipriani, a great international hospitality company, I really gained experience with all facets of the business. Through my subsequent experience in private practice and now at Blank Rome, I’ve really been able to focus on all kinds of deals, including multimillion dollar lease and management deals in the United States and abroad, and bring that significant legal insight to our client base.

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“Legal Perspective for Foodservice Pros: Thoughts on the New Normal,” by Christy L. Reuter was published in the October 2021 edition of Total Food Service (page 16). Reprinted with permission.