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Blank Rome’s Peter Tsoflias Presents 2019 “Peter I. Tsoflias Most Outstanding Member Award” at Widener University Delaware Law School

Blank Rome LLP is pleased to announce that Associate Peter I. Tsoflias presented his fifth annual “Peter I. Tsoflias Most Outstanding Member Award” to Colleen Degnan on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, at Widener University Delaware Law School. This award is given annually to a member of the Transactional Law Honor Society (“TLHS”) whose work and scholarship in, and dedication to, the society deserves special recognition above his or her peers.

The award was created in honor of Peter, who founded Widener University Delaware Law School’s TLHS while earning his J.D. The TLHS is a program that helps students attain practical legal skills in the area of transactional law, and trains its members through workshops and lectures on the intricacies of business law and practice. For more information, please visit

On Thursday, March 7, Peter, along with associates Michael S. Swoyer, Ashley N. Catalano-Leckerman, and Meredith L. Mill, hosted a training session at the Firm’s Philadelphia office to help prepare TLHS members for its inaugural member competition. The session covered a Stock Purchase Agreement fact pattern that the TLHS members were negotiating as part of the academic competition. Blank Rome attorneys addressed issues typically presented in Stock Purchase Agreement, and provided advice on how to negotiate the terms of such an agreement. On Saturday, April 13, Peter, Michael, and Ashley judged TLHS’s inaugural member competition where students negotiated the terms of a Stock Purchase Agreement that each team previously drafted. Last year, TLHS was one of 16 teams—out of the 96 that participated overall—that advanced to the National Transactional LawMeet Championships after winning “Best Draft Purchase Agreement” and first place overall in the Mid-Atlantic competition.

Peter is based in Blank Rome’s Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia offices, and represents business entity clients in connection with day-to-day corporate and commercial affairs and major transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint venture formations, and project financings. He also assists companies in dealing with state and federal regulatory compliance issues, real estate ventures, and creditor’s rights concerns. Peter has published several articles on corporate, commercial, and constitutional law issues, including a guide on Delaware’s residential landlord-tenant law, which was published in the 2018 Widener Law Review (Vol. 24, Issue 1). He previously served as a volunteer attorney with Delaware Volunteer Legal Services, Inc., and as an internal managing editor of the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law (Volume 38).

Blank Rome’s Peter Tsoflias (L) presents the 2019 “Peter I. Tsoflias Most Outstanding Member Award” to Colleen Degnan.
Blank Rome’s Peter Tsoflias (front, center) and the Transactional Law Honor Society at Widener University Delaware Law School.