7th Annual North American Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Conference

University of Houston Law Center

The NEW John M. O’ Quinn Law Building
4170 Martin Luther King Blvd
Houston, TX 77004

Increasing Risks to Energy Security: Taking on Political, Climatic, and Criminal Risks to the North American Energy Supply

Blank Rome partners Susan L. BickleyMargaret Anne Hill, Keith B. LetourneauAlex C. Nisenbaum, and Anthony Rapa will serve as speakers at the University of Houston (“UH”) Law Center’s 7th Annual North American Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Conference, being held on Thursday, April 27, 2023, in Houston, Texas, with a virtual option available.


Energy security is becoming an increasingly critical issue globally and in North America as the continent faces a range of risks that have the potential to undermine the stability and reliability of energy resources and supplies. These risks are multifaceted and include geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions and changes, the impact of climate change, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities, all of which can disrupt energy production and distribution, and which have far-reaching economic, social, and security implications.

Join the University of Houston’s energy and climate law experts, energy general counsel, and Blank Rome attorneys at the Law Center’s new state-of-the-art John M. O’Quinn Law Building for an interactive discussion of the issues. Speakers will examine the various challenges facing the energy industry in North America and explore strategies for addressing these issues in the context of the ever-evolving political and environmental landscape.

Topics include:

  • Geo-Political Risks: Understanding and navigating the impact of political decisions on energy supplies
  • Climate Change Impacts: Examining the effects of changing weather patterns on electricity and energy supplies and exploring mitigation strategies and policies
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity Risks: Analyzing the challenges of protecting energy infrastructure and confidential consumer information in the face of intensifying cyberattacks
  • Supply Chain Disruption Risks: Discussing the impact of supply chain disruptions and exploring potential solutions


This course is anticipated to qualify for the following CLE credits:

  • CA – 6.5 general credits
  • CT – 7.5 general credits
  • NJ – 7.5 general credits
  • NY – 6.5 general credits
  • PA – 6.5 general credits
  • TX – 6.5 general credits


Co-sponsored by The UH Law Center’s Initiative on Global Law and Policy for the Americas, UH Energy, The UH Hobby School of Public Policy, the Gutierrez Energy Management Institute (“GEMI”) at the UH Bauer College of Business, and the Coleman P. Burke Center for Environmental Law at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.


Questions? Contact Jen Reda, Blank Rome Business Development Manager. 

To learn more and for the full agenda, please visit the conference webpage.