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Legal Tech's Milestones for the Business of Law and Remote Work in 2022

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The legal industry looks significantly different than it did even a decade ago. For starters, being good at law is no longer a sure-fire way to succeed. Nearly everyone in legal today understands that law is a business and must be managed as such.


The following is a collection of quotes from experts in the legal industry on the biggest milestones for the business of law and remote/hybrid work in 2022.


Brooke Iley, Partner, Blank Rome: "COVID-19 catapulted traditionally in-person workforces to remote/hybrid operations overnight. As workplaces navigated back from the shutdown, legal technology innovations exploded, including cloud-based operating systems to provide data security, recruiting processes utilizing artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, and collaborative workspace models with dual interactive meeting capabilities. The primary focus has been to leverage technology to recruit, train and retain the best talent across flexible workspace models."

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"Legal Tech's Milestones for the Business of Law and Remote Work in 2022," by Stephanie Wilkins was published in Legaltech News on December 22, 2022.