No Longer Boilerplate: Force Majeure in the Post-COVID Era

Blank Rome-Hosted Live Webinar

Online via WebEx

Part of Blank Rome's Primers for Pandemic Litigation Webinar Series

As the novel coronavirus spread uncontained across the globe, innumerable in-person events and conferences have been cancelled and a myriad of commercial transactions have been jeopardized. This live webinar will address the unique challenges surrounding force majeure clauses, including a discussion of when and what “Acts of God” can excuse the nonperformance of contractual duties.


The presenters will tackle the following questions facing businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • What language may—or may not—cover the coronavirus as a force majeure?
  • How far away on the horizon must the triggering event be?
  • What are the ongoing mitigation responsibilities under a force majeure provision?
  • What should clients be thinking about proactively as they revise force majeure provisions for their future contracts?
  • What common law defenses may also be available against claims of nonperformance?







Please contact Meredith Spilker.