My Winning Playbook: Fading into the Fix

The Playbook
Michelle M. Gervais

Blank Rome LLP Partner Michelle M. Gervais authored a feature article, My Winning Playbook: Fading into the Fix, for the 2021 edition of NFL THREAD’s The Playbook (Volume 3), the premier annual magazine for THREAD, a private social network for NFL spouses (current and former) and mothers and daughters of former and current NFL players and coaches.

Article Excerpt:

My younger sister and I are our father’s only sons. Growing up in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where football was definitely “the sport,” he infused his love of the game into our blood before we even understood what a touchdown meant. And it gives me an immense sense of pride to say, 46 years later, that his love of the game forever remains a legacy to not only our childhoods and my career today, but also, to our own children’s futures.

My earliest and fondest childhood sports memories are of the famed Bart Starr coaching my father’s beloved Green Bay Packers. How I used to love those precious hours together with my family defending (and sometimes not) Starr’s strategies and watching them play football, regardless of whether or not they won.

Those few hours each week of what often can only be described as the highest highs and lowest lows, when phone calls, hanging out with friends, work, and homework did not interfere, were incredibly special during my childhood. But football is not just a game. It’s not just a few hours rooting for a team you love. It’s a playbook for life. Or at least, it’s been a playbook for mine.

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