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Women of Influence Honoree: Samantha Wallack, Blank Rome LLP


Blank Rome partner Samantha Wallack has been named a 2022 Woman of Influence by the New York Business Journal and is profiled in a series that spotlights this year’s honorees. In her interview, Samantha reflects on her career path and accomplishments, and shares thoughts on the current real estate market and advice for rising lawyers. 


This profile spotlights one of the 10 New York Business Journal Women of Influence honorees for 2022. We asked each of the 10 to complete a survey through which we can share with you some of their background, their achievements and their industry insights.

A tip I’ve learned that’s helped me with networking is: When I was a junior associate, my mentors were men. I would watch my mentors network and sit with them at pitches and lunches, and the conversations often turned to things like golf and other sports. For a time, I believed that I too had to approach meetings and prospects the same way. What I’ve learned over time is that the best, most supportive relationships are established when people are being their authentic selves. I always say that authenticity is key when networking.

What is the biggest challenge facing your industry and/or company, and how should that challenge be addressed?: Currently, and I hope this to be a short-lived challenge, it’s the volatility in the real estate market due to increasing interest rates and the limited availability of financing. Deals are still happening, but pricing is proving to be a challenge at times, and sourcing financing often involves a bit of creativity and patience. On the flip side, there are real opportunities out there for buyers who have access to financing outside of the typical sources.

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“Women of Influence honoree: Samantha Wallack, Blank Rome LLP,” was published in New York Business Journal on November 11, 2022.