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Blank Rome’s Michelle Gervais Looks Ahead to Post-Covid Business Litigation

Tampa Bay Business Journal
Michelle M. Gervais

Michelle Gervais, a partner at Blank Rome LLP in Tampa, has clients across the country — from the C-suite to the football field. 

Gervais counsels high-profile individuals, athletes and celebrities, as well as businesses and financial institutions, in the areas of sports and entertainment, matrimonial and domestic relations, commercial and business litigation, and consumer finance. 

She’s always known she would be a lawyer, especially having a reputation as being a “fixer” who was able to resolve matters quickly. 

In this interview with the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Gervais spoke about what businesses have faced in the past year and how they can move forward.

What are some of the major issues businesses are facing? The prime areas have been Covid-related — ‘What do we do? Can we force people to come into work, force people to get the vaccine? How do we ask them properly on a questionnaire without HIPAA violations?’ 

There’s been a large uptick in noncompete agreements. In the workforce, people have been furloughed or tried to take advantage of working from home, and then they’re leaving. We even dealt with the vaccine — two companies that were caught up in employees jumping ship to another company and allegations of whether they took the information related to working with the vaccines. 

The Covid business liability legislation — that’s going to be a whole other realm of interesting cases we’re going to see. 

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“Blank Rome’s Michelle Gervais Looks Ahead to Post-COVID Business Litigation,” by Pam Huff was published in Tampa Bay Business Journal on April 16, 2021.