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Meidlinger Partners Invests in Liberty Hydro, a Water Focused Environmental Technology Company

Blank Rome advised Meidlinger Partners in its preferred stock investment in Liberty Hydro, Inc., a water focused environmental technology company. Liberty designs, installs and services proprietary filtration and advanced treatment systems to remove elements such as selenium and other metal items from by-product water associated with mining and other industrial applications. Selenium is an essential nutrient, but in humans and wildlife excess amounts can be dangerous. Liberty, which was formed in 2009 and has experienced significant growth since its inception, currently has the largest number of selenium removal treatment systems in commercial application.

This is the third portfolio company investment for Meidlinger Partners, LLC and its affiliate Meidlinger Partners’ Sustainable Investments, LP following their first investment in Triton Water AG, an advanced water treatment company headquartered near Hamburg, Germany in 2009, and Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc., an environmental product and service company based in Bourne, Massachusetts in June, 2010.

Meidlinger Partners, LLC is a Philadelphia, PA based private equity firm that manages the Meidlinger Partners Sustainable Investments, LP private equity fund. The fund invests in and grows lower market U.S. and Western European companies that have scalable solutions to address the world’s water issues.

Liberty Hydro, Inc. applies its proprietary technology along with well established industrial water treatment techniques and unit operations to ensure compliance with EPA regulations. They provide a reliable system using their proprietary zero-valent iron technology that reduces the total selenium of wastewater to below 5 ppb before it is discharged to nearby streams. The system can be utilized in remote locations where power is not provided and its small footprint allows it to be used in almost any application.