Standing with Our Asian and Asian American Colleagues and Communities

As communicated with our Blank Rome colleagues on March 22, 2021

As we are all becoming increasingly aware, the reports of violence against Asians and Asian Americans have escalated, particularly since the beginning of the pandemic. Recent congressional hearings have been held on this issue following a string of more than 3,800 hate crimes and incidents against Asian Americans that tragically continue to this day.

These growing incidents and patterns of hate against Asian Americans cannot be tolerated and remind us all that we have a responsibility to one another to ensure that we all thrive. When people are afraid to leave their homes to go to work, to grocery shop, to ride public transportation, to take their kids to the park, it is critical that we not only stand with them in solidarity and kinship, but that we also educate ourselves and advocate for their protection.

As a firm that stands for social justice, anti-racism, and supporting one another, we must continue to educate ourselves and support this community in any way we can. In the words of Grace Lee Boggs, a Chinese American civil rights activist, “Love isn’t about what we did yesterday; it’s about what we do today and tomorrow and the day after.”

We are working with Krystal Studavent Ramsey, our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, and BR United to develop programming to allow us to come together as a firm to show our solidarity and support. 

We will continue to work toward understanding and appreciating that we are interconnected, and our differences make us better and stronger. 

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Grant S. Palmer
Managing Partner and CEO


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Alan J. Hoffman