BR United

In honor of our Firm's history of progressive diversity and inclusion initiatives, Blank Rome launched our BR United Affinity Group (formerly known as our Attorneys of Color Affinity Group) in 2008, which provides a forum for our diverse attorneys and professionals to network and exchange ideas.

Additionally, our Firm joined the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (“LCLD”), an organization that is dedicated to creating a truly diverse legal profession. The LCLD Fellows and Pathfinder programs help retain and mobilize the leadership of diverse professionals who are employed in corporations, law firms, hospitals, academia, and other institutions. Every year, more than a hundred young, diverse lawyers are encouraged to make the most of their careers as well as enhance the diversity of the legal industry at large.

Blank Rome’s LCLD Fellows include Domingo Manuel Llagostera (2018), Mayling Blanco (2017), Michael Kim (2016), Morgan Fraser Mouchette and Saminaz Akhter (2015), Edward Chang (2014), Eric G. Fikry and Charles J. Monterio (2013), Cheryl Chang (2012), and Stanley B. Tarr (2011). Blank Rome’s LCLD Pathfinders include Melissa Fundora Murphy and Victoria Ortega (2018), and Melanie S. Carter and Megan Renee Wood (2017). 

BR United Chairs:

Cheryl S. Chang
Partner, Consumer Financial Services Practice Group
Los Angeles

Diana M. Eng
Partner, Consumer Finance Litigation Practice Group
New York City

Morgan Fraser Mouchette
Partner, Matrimonial and Family Law Practice Group
New York City

Russell T. Wong
Co-Chair and Partner, Intellectual Property & Technology Practice Group