Post-Pandemic Workplace Trends Emerge from Blank Rome’s Fifth COVID-19 Employer Survey Results

COVID-19 Employer Workplace Survey

As we approach the 18-month anniversary of the global coronavirus pandemic, the rate of vaccinations in the United States has leveled off while business safety restrictions are being relaxed or removed. Still, the lower vaccination rates of many states combined with the appearance of highly transmissible variants of the virus remains a significant challenge as we transition into an endemic phase of the crisis.

With these developments in mind, Blank Rome’s COVID-19 Task Force launched its fifth employer survey asking our clients about key workplace topics. We received responses from more than 150 employers and key stakeholders who shared their collective knowledge and experiences from preparing to fully reopen worksites and return workers to the office. The responses came from C-suite executives, in-house attorneys, and human resources professionals from a diverse array of businesses across various industries and geographies.

Along with the survey results, our Labor & Employment attorneys compared the data to the results from our first four surveys conducted in March, April, and July 2020 and February 2021 to perform a gap analysis and identify emerging trends. The survey data demonstrates shifting trends. It also shows the various strategies for addressing the challenges of the post-pandemic workplace, including:

  • Vaccination mandates and incentives
  • COVID-19 in the workforce
  • Workplace safety protocols
  • Remote versus in-office work models
  • Post-pandemic business challenges
  • Business outlooks

We found the results to be enlightening and actionable, and we hope you do too.

COVID-19 Employer Workplace Survey

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