One Year Later—A Message from the BR Parents Forum

As we mark the anniversary of remote work, virtual learning, and the merging of our personal and professional lives, we wanted to acknowledge and celebrate all parents and caregivers and remind you that our firm, our BR Parents Forum, and our Well-Being Committee continue to be available to offer assistance to everyone navigating these challenging times.

This month also marks the anniversary of the BR Parents Forum, which was first formed in March 2020 and took a particularly active role at our firm in navigating the complex changes stemming from the pandemic. Since its formation, the BR Parents Forum has facilitated peer-based support through virtual meetups with colleagues and conducted numerous surveys to understand the challenges that parents and caregivers face.

As a result of these efforts, we know all too well that these challenges at work and at home are ongoing. As such, the BR Parents Forum is sharing some best practices that our firm implemented in 2020 and will continue to apply in 2021 to assist and support working parents and caregivers:

  • Have leadership and managers provide additional messaging around flexibility and open communication (proven cornerstones of remote work).
  • Encourage teams to take advantage of PTO and unplug while on leave. To bolster this, avoid making urgent requests when someone takes this time.
  • Consider frequency, length, timing, and expectations around video presence for meetings and factoring parenting needs into scheduling of non-urgent meetings.
  • Ensure leaders and managers incorporate work/life and career development discussions into all feedback meetings, regardless of gender or parental status.
  • Regularly survey employees to assess the impact of the pandemic and to identify possible support resources and benefits.

In addition to these best practices, our firm has compiled a list of resources on these issues. With mental health support more critically needed than ever, and to help parents and caregivers with their own self-care, we are including here a selection of these resources that are geared towards promoting well-being.  

View Resources Here

We are now at an inflection point where businesses are determining the best work strategies going forward. As one of Blank Rome’s affinity groups, BR Parents Forum will continue to provide resources and relevant information to parents and caregivers, whether they are working remotely or in the office.

Please reach out to us at if you would like to connect on these topics. We would love to hear your stories and share ideas. As always, we support you and are in this with you.


Lauren B. Wilgus and Ariel S. Glasner, BR Parents Forum Co-Chairs