BR Parents

BR Parents supports parents and caregivers at Blank Rome striving to manage their professional and parental responsibilities.

BR Parents’ mission is to provide support for Blank Rome attorneys and legal professionals seeking to manage both professional and parental/caregiving commitments. BR Parents provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and networking among colleagues, information sharing pertinent to working parents and caregivers, and the promotion of innovation and support to help ensure that members of our firm have the ability to excel as well as maximize our service to our clients, whether external or internal.

BR Parents facilitates community and peer-based support through periodic meetups with colleagues and with individuals outside the firm that focus on shared experiences and on an array of parent-related topics. Meetups are offered across all of Blank Rome’s offices, and are geared toward parents of children of all ages and to parents of children with special needs or challenges. BR Parents offers mentorship, in particular to new parents and parents returning from leave. We offer resources covering a wide range of topics such as educational and age-related issues, parental wellness and stress relief, and confronting social justice challenges. BR Parents has taken a particularly visible and active role in navigating the complex changes, including the transitions to and from remote work, that have taken place stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. From sharing regularly updated resources, to providing a place for parents to discuss the challenges of “pandemic parenting,” to communicating regularly with firm leadership, BR Parents has been a key outlet for parents facing unprecedented challenges.

The BR Parents Forum has become a pillar supporting the firm’s broader diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, making the firm a place where everyone can do their best work in an environment where everyone can bring their “whole selves” to work, and attracting and harnessing our diverse talents and competencies to enhance the firm’s client service.

BR Parents Chairs:

Gregory F. Vizza (parent to three children)
Partner, Finance Practice Group
Philadelphia, PA

Lauren B. Wilgus (parent to two children)
Partner, Maritime and International Trade Practice Group
New York City