Now Available: Biometric Privacy Compliance Checklists

Biometric Privacy

Rapid advances in biometric technology is allowing more companies than ever to collect and rely upon biometric identifiers—including fingerprint, eye, voice, and facial scans—to improve workflows and customer experiences. Because there is currently no federal law governing the capture and use of this data, businesses should be mindful of various state laws, including:

  • The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (“Illinois BIPA”);
  • The Texas Capture or Use of Biometric Identifier Act (“Texas CUBI”); and
  • Washington’s Biometric Privacy Statute (“Washington HB 1493”).

To help companies identify and navigate important privacy considerations, Blank Rome’s dedicated Biometric Privacy Team developed our exclusive Biometric Privacy Compliance Checklists for the Illinois BIPA, Texas CUBI, and Washington HB 1493 biometric privacy laws. We encourage businesses that are collecting (or thinking about collecting) biometric identifiers to download these helpful checklists.

Please contact our Biometric Privacy Team if you need assistance complying the Illinois BIPA, Texas CUBI, and Washington HB 1493, or if you have any other questions about the regulation of biometric identifiers.