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Estate Planning for the Business Owner, Part 1: The Business Owner as a New Client

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For most business owners, the business is the most valuable item on their balance sheet. From an estate planning perspective, the equity in the business is also often the best asset to use for lifetime transfers to pass value (and future appreciation) out of the taxable estate. Before an estate planner can effectively provide guidance on the planning opportunities for the business, he or she will need some background information about the business. This data gathering does not need to be all-encompassing, but a good estate planner will want to know as much information about the business as possible since it is often closely intertwined with the client. Some information can be gathered through the business owner’s other professionals, such as separate business legal counsel, internal executives, accountants, and financial advisers, and it is important to have an open communication among the estate planner and these professionals as early on in the process as possible.

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