The BR State + Local Tax Spotlight: February 2024

The BR State + Local Tax Spotlight

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Note from the Editors

Welcome to the February 2024 edition of The BR State + Local Tax Spotlight. We know the importance of remaining up-to-date on State + Local Tax developments, which appear often and across numerous jurisdictions. Staying informed on significant legislative developments and judicial decisions helps tax departments function more efficiently, along with improving strategy as well as planning. That is where The BR State + Local Tax Spotlight can help. In each edition, we will highlight important State + Local Tax developments that could impact your business.

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Joshua M. Sivin and Melanie L. Lee


Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Affirms That Pittsburgh’s Tax on Only Nonresident Athletes Violates State’s Uniformity Clause
By Craig B. Fields

Although only some states have a uniformity clause in their constitutions, for those that do, it can be a powerful tool in challenging a tax. Read More >>

California Appeals Court Declines Locality’s Request to Rewrite Unlawful Tax Law
By Eugene J. Gibilaro

How far should courts go to save tax laws that are plainly unlawful? Read More >>

Arizona Appellate Court Finds Online Travel Companies Not Subject to Tax on Hotel Operators
By Joshua M. Sivin

Last month, an Arizona appellate court found that online travel companies such as Orbitz and Expedia are not entities that operate hotels nor cause hotels to be operated and therefore are not subject to Tucson’s tax applicable to such entities. Read More >>


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