The BR State + Local Tax Spotlight: December 2023

The BR State + Local Tax Spotlight

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Note from the Editors

Welcome to the December 2023 edition of The BR State + Local Tax Spotlight. We know the importance of remaining up-to-date on State + Local Tax developments, which appear often and across numerous jurisdictions. Staying informed on significant legislative developments and judicial decisions helps tax departments function more efficiently, along with improving strategy as well as planning. That is where The BR State + Local Tax Spotlight can help. In each edition, we will highlight important State + Local Tax developments that could impact your business.

A Holiday Note: As we reflect upon the year, we are filled with gratitude for our readership and for the collaborative efforts of our team and the Blank Rome staff who make every issue of The BR State + Local Tax Spotlight a far-reaching success. We wish you and yours a joyous holiday season and endless health and happiness for the new year.

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Joshua M. Sivin and Melanie L. Lee


New Jersey Agency Required to Honor its Deal and Allow $26 Million in Tax Credits
By Craig B. Fields

The Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, required the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (“EDA”) to “turn square corners” and certify $26 million in tax credits pursuant to its contract with a company despite some issues with the company’s application for the credits. Read More >>

State Tax vs. Local Tax – Is there a Difference?
By Eugene J. Gibilaro

Must a state tax and a local tax be considered together when determining whether either of them pass constitutional muster? Read More >>

New York ALJ Holds That Convenience of Employer Rule Applies Despite Covid Lockdowns
By Joshua M. Sivin

In the latest but likely not final chapter of Professor Zelinsky’s ongoing challenge to New York’s convenience of the employer rule, a New York Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) upheld application of the rule, counting days the Professor worked at his home in Connecticut for his New York employer as New York workdays, even during the over nine-month period when the employer’s New York campus was closed as a result of Covid restrictions. Read More >>

A Lack of Transparency: Minnesota Edition
By Nicole L. Johnson

Taxpayers and practitioners are often stymied by the lack of clarity or other information provided by state departments of revenue on tax issues. Read More >>


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