Bridging Gaps, Enhancing Access, and Embracing Value-Based Care

BRight Minds in Healthcare Delivery

Bridging Gaps, Enhancing Access, and Embracing Value-Based Care

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BRight Minds in Healthcare Delivery invites industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and hot topics in healthcare strategy, delivery, and innovation. Listen in as industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators consider how to disrupt the way that millions of Americans receive healthcare.

Episode 1: Bridging Gaps, Enhancing Access, and Embracing Value-Based Care

In the inaugural episode of BRight Minds in Healthcare Delivery, Dr. Soujanya “Chinni” Pulluru joins host Eric Tower to discuss disruptions in healthcare, the move toward value-based care, the importance of technology and data infrastructure, traction in retail health, creating better access to care, and incentivizing changed behavior in the industry.

Dr. Chinni Pulluru is a family medicine physician and clinical business executive with more than 20 years of experience driving transformative change in healthcare and value-based care operations. She most recently served as Chief Clinical Executive and Vice President of Clinical Operations for Walmart Health, and was formerly the Executive Medical Director for Illinois’ largest, 750-physician group, DULY (formerly DuPage Medical Group) and its subsidiary MSO, Boncura Health Solutions. She is now a founder-entrepreneur with a newly launched venture in the field of genetics.

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