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The Celebrity Divorce Playbook

Business Insider

In 2023, the hottest celebrity destination was Splitsville.


Here's how to do it right every step of the way, according to attorneys and publicists to the stars.

Step 1: Find a lawyer


The Seen-It-All: Marilyn Chinitz
Blank Rome

"You look back and think, wow, this is like a movie! There isn't a story I haven't heard."

Chinitz is known for going to extreme lengths for her clients — one case required her to obtain a prenup from a safe-deposit box in the World Trade Center that had melted during the 9/11 attacks. She even helped uncover the murder of a woman who died under suspicious circumstances amid a contentious divorce.

Celebrity clients: Tom Cruise (divorcing Katie Holmes), Wendy Williams (divorcing Kevin Hunter), the former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci (divorcing Deidre Ball when she was nine months pregnant; they later reconciled), and Michael Douglas (divorcing his first wife, Diandra Luker).


The Hush-Hush: Kristina Royce
Blank Rome

"You need to approach marriage with the same level of transparency, authenticity, and communication as you would in business."

Royce's philosophy is to keep things as confidential as possible. The Blank Rome partner has estimated that 95% of her cases were settled through mediation alone.

Celebrity clients: Channing Tatum (divorcing Jenna Dewan), Elizabeth Chambers (divorcing Armie Hammer), Forest Whitaker (divorcing Keisha Whitaker), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (divorcing Maria Shriver).

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"The Celebrity Divorce Playbook," by Libby Torres, Kirsten Acuna, and Samantha Rollins was published in Business Insider on December 12, 2023.