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Kristina Royce and Brett S. Ward Named “Hollywood’s Troubleshooters” by The Hollywood Reporter

Blank Rome LLP is pleased to share that partners Kristina Royce and Brett S. Ward, who serve as co-chairs of the firm's Matrimonial & Family Law group, have been named Hollywood’s Troubleshooters: Who the Stars Call to Put Out Fires and Prevent Future Disasters by The Hollywood Reporter.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the honorees are "25 attorneys the entertainment elite have on speed dial for death, divorce and other disasters" who can successfully navigate the law and the media. Kristina and Brett were recognized in the Family Law category. 

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About Kristina and Brett, as published in The Hollywood Reporter

Kristina Royce

Kristina Royce

Blank Rome 
Royce says her brand is to keep things confidential and to get cases into settlement “very quickly.” As someone who reps high-profile entertainment industry figures like Elizabeth Chambers, as well as high-net-worth individuals in the tech world, Royce encourages private mediation whenever possible, especially since the pandemic has resulted in lengthy court delays. She says, “It’s much more beneficial to clients to have something settled in private.”

HOW I UNWIND “I’m a complete dog lover. I love to play with my dogs and hang out with my husband and children. And I work out.”
A PROBLEM I’M SEEING MORE OF LATELY “People entering prenups without understanding the long-term ramifications. I believe a marriage is a lot like a business, and you wouldn’t enter into a business deal without understanding your rights and obligations to one another. You need to approach marriage with the same level of transparency, authenticity and communication as you would in business.”


Brett Ward

Blank Rome 
Ward won’t give up names—though he’s been associated with the likes of Emily Ratajkowski—but did say that his personal highlight of the past year was wrapping up a “high-profile case” that was favorable to his client and done in a manner that helped them avoid litigation and the stresses that come with that. One trend he’s seeing is fewer people getting married. “So you have more situations that involve custody, property and child support that are not within a marriage,” he notes. “We’re finding new ways to resolve these matters without being under the umbrella of divorce.”

THE MOST CHALLENGING PART OF MY JOB IS … “Getting beyond the client’s raw emotion so that the appropriate strategic decisions can be made.”
A PROBLEM I’M SEEING MORE OF LATELY “The lack of training and knowledge around the intricacies of interspousal violence.”