Sustainable Business Practices

Blank Rome supports firm-wide environmentally sustainable business practices in a variety of ways.

  • Our firm is working toward becoming a “paper-lite” organization. We have established a firm-wide Digital Law Firm Working Group tasked with developing a comprehensive plan and procedures to achieve this goal. The working group includes our managing partner and CEO, chief human resources officer, general counsel, chief operating officer, chief risk and security officer, and chief information officer.
  • When selecting firm vendors, we perform thorough competitive market analyses, seeking vendors with a solid level of quality, delivery, sustainability, and selection.
  • We strive to use environmentally friendly products in our offices and operations, including biodegradable pantry supplies and energy-efficient systems and facility design.
  • Our firm recycles all of its shredded paper.

Blank Rome has received the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (“ALISS”) certification from the Law Firm Sustainability Network (“LFSN”), in recognition of the firm’s sustainability program and its efforts to reduce its environmental impact. We have been a member of LFSN since 2013 and were one of 15 law firms to pilot ALISS when it launched in 2015. ALISS is a self-assessment tool that awards weighted points for various activities covering five broad categories: Internal Sustainability, External Sustainability, Stakeholder Engagement, Measuring & Reporting, and Innovation.

To learn more about Blank Rome’s sustainable business practices, please contact Melissa Morrissey at or 215.988.6997.