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The Other Side of the Fence: Getting to Know Loneliness (and Yourself) after Divorce

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Divorce is a lot of things. The experience drives, introduces, and perhaps even throws us entirely into a new reality. That is true even if we wanted the divorce. Yet whatever the experience or emotions one may have because of divorce, it is most certainly an end. A feeling (sometimes an overwhelming feeling) of loneliness after divorcing is a normal emotion. Loneliness can overwhelm the very best of us, and that yearning for companionship, friendship, and in many cases, completion, can often seem to be far too consuming to handle even for one more day. Nevertheless, the next day is coming, and the world is turning whether one welcomes this new normal or not.

Quite often, this new reality seems nothing but cold and unyielding. Many of us have had (or currently are having) that feeling of being in a fugue state after a relationship’s end. It really can be jarring to our entire systems. You are now a single person, and “single” brings with it its own brand of new. How long we can linger in this state is entirely up to ourselves.

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