MAINBRACE: November 2019

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Note from the Editor
by Thomas H. Belknap, Jr.

As another year comes to a close, it is a perfect opportunity to evaluate the challenges and opportunities that we faced—and hopefully, embraced and overcame—as well as the goals we will set for the year ahead. Whether in the personal or professional realm, in the maritime industry or beyond, a good team is always greater than the sum of its parts. 

Exercising Maritime Liens against Cargo and Sub-Freights
by Thomas H. Belknap, Jr.

Vessel owners rarely carry cargo for their own account. More commonly by far, a vessel owner will charter its vessel to another party to carry their (or their sub-charterer’s) cargo. The contracts can vary widely—from voyage charters or contracts of affreightment to time charters and negotiable bills of lading (not to mention the more complex arrangements that one often sees for container cargos). Read More »

Enforcement of an Insolvency-Related Judgment Does Not Require Recognition under Chapter 15
by Michael B. Schaedle and Evan J. Zucker

In EMA GARP Fund v. Banro Corporation, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed a lawsuit filed by shareholders of an insolvent Canadian company, Banro Corporation, and its former CEO, finding that, under the principles of comity, an approved Canadian plan of reorganization released all claims against the defendants. Read More »

Climate Change and Renewable Energy in the Maritime Industry
by Frederick M. Lowther

There are few industries—indeed, few activities of any kind—that are not impacted by the increasingly intense debate on climate change. Whether by force of law or by voluntary action, all major sectors of the world economy must adapt to changing perceptions of how to reduce adverse impacts to our climate. The maritime industry is no exception. Read More »

The Broad Reach and Limitations of U.S. Forfeiture Law
by Matthew J. Thomas, Jed M. Silversmith, and Dana S. Merkel

In August of this year, the world watched closely to learn what would become of the Grace 1 and the more than two million barrels of Iranian crude oil that she carried. The tanker was boarded in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar by the British Royal Navy on July 4 as it passed through Gibraltar’s territorial waters. Read More »

Utilizing the Changing Landscape of Personal Jurisdiction 
by David J. Oberly

For years, the scope of personal jurisdiction over corporate defendants has expanded significantly through the reliance on tenuous corporate contacts or business conducted by a defendant in a particular forum. Recently, however, that all changed when the United States Supreme Court issued its decisions in Daimler AG v. BaumanBNSF Railway Co. v. Tyrrell,  and Bristol-Myers Squibb v. Superior Court of CaliforniaRead More »

Autonomous Vessels: Legal, Regulatory, and Insurance Issues
by Alan M. Weigel and Thomas H. Belknap, Jr.

The maritime industry is currently experiencing a technological sea change resulting from the development of advanced automation on unmanned surface vessels. Once thought to be decades away from incorporation into the maritime transportation network, advanced automation is already emerging as a viable alternative for some segments of the industry as a way to reduce operational costs, improve safety, and increase efficiency. Read More »


Blank Rome Awards & Recognitions

Blank Rome was honored to receive numerous awards and accolades in recognition of our Firm’s leading attorneys, practices, and capabilities.

Safe Passage Blog

We invite our readers to dive into our archive of Mainbrace newsletters and maritime development advisories, as well as keep abeam with all of our current and upcoming analyses on trending maritime topics and legislation, in our Safe Passage blog. Read More »

Blank Rome Moves Chicago Office

Blank Rome is pleased to announce that on September 3, the Chicago office relocated to a new and permanent location at 444 West Lake Street. The Firm occupies 12,000 square feet of space on the 16th floor that can accommodate 30 or more attorneys and professional staff.  Read More »

Introducing Seriously Driven with Marilyn Chinitz

In Seriously Driven, host Marilyn Chinitz, a partner in the Matrimonial & Family Law practice at Blank Rome LLP, talks to successful women about their careers, roadblocks they’ve overcome, what or who they credit for their achievements, the other influential women in their lives, what it takes and means to become a leader, and how they mentor future leaders. Read More »

Perspectives: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in Practice (October 2019)

Welcome to the October 2019 edition of Perspectives, Blank Rome’s diversity and inclusion newsletter that keeps you informed on our latest diversity and inclusion news and provides insight on current diversity and inclusion issues in the legal industry and beyond. Read More »

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