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Attorney Spotlight: New York—Steve Goldfeder

Love Bytes

This edition of Attorney Spotlight highlights another one of my revered New York City colleagues in Blank Rome’s Matrimonial & Family Law group—Steve Goldfeder.

A graduate of The University of New York at Albany and Brooklyn Law School, Steve has been practicing law for over 30 years and is a fantastic member of our Matrimonial & Family Law team at the firm. A native New Yorker, Steve became involved in matrimonial law right after law school and took to it well. Looking back at his career, Steve appreciates that as a matrimonial lawyer, he has had the opportunity to help people during one of the most difficult parts of their lives. Steve often finds that his clients are very grateful for the help he has provided, which can be the most rewarding feeling as an attorney.

When working with clients who are going through a very emotional divorce, Steve explains that as a lawyer, a “bedside manner” is often just as important as the skills and experience he provides. When a person approaches an attorney to handle their divorce, they do not just want a skilled lawyer. They also need to trust their legal counsel with their life and story despite how the separation impacts them. Steve is a lawyer with the ability to empathize with his clients and to also truly understand them.

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