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Uber Could Avoid Harsh Penalties over Latest Cybersecurity Intrusion

Global Data Review

Despite a high-profile 2016 data breach and a $148 million settlement, Uber’s latest public cybersecurity incident may not face significant penalties if it remains transparent and no personal data was exposed.


Observers said the tech company appears to have learned from its earlier mistakes.

“To be honest it would be shocking if Uber were to react like it did in 2016, 2017 – that kind of response is just what you don't do– Uber learned that the hard way,” said Blank Rome partner Jonathan Scott Goldman. “In many ways, the initial Uber case that settled in 2018 is a real learning lesson with how companies deal with this.”


“The pattern of Uber continually not being secure does not bode well for Uber avoiding fines and regulatory actions,” Blank Rome partner Sharon Klein told GDR. “Clearly the current hack indicates that Uber had weaknesses, which it has not remediated.”

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"Uber Could Avoid Harsh Penalties over Latest Cybersecurity Intrusion," by Victoria Hudgins was published in Global Data Review on September 20, 2022.