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Top Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges, How to Overcome Them


From ransomware to COVID-19 struggles to unauthorized disclosure and constant technological innovation, the healthcare sector must always be considering the unique cybersecurity challenges that come along with the ever-changing healthcare cyber threat landscape.

Cyber threats and security vulnerabilities can jeopardize patient protected health information (PHI) and distract healthcare professionals, but that does not mean that the challenges cannot be overcome.

Sharon Klein, attorney and chair of Blank Rome’s privacy, security, and data practice, has years of firsthand experience with managing and assessing healthcare cybersecurity threats.


“Unfortunately, the dark web is very interested in medical information because it provides them a number of sources for identity theft,” Klein explained. A single record with protected health information may contain a patient’s Social Security number, medical history, treatment information, and even payment information.


“We’ve seen unauthorized disclosure by people who are in the system, unwittingly like doctors and clinicians, who really just want to get the information and the medical record to treat the patient,” Klein said.


Klein said that she expects regulatory agencies to carry over their increased focus on cybersecurity into the next year. The White House and the Department of Justice both announced initiatives and programs aimed at tackling cybersecurity across US critical infrastructure.

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“Top Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges, How to Overcome Them,” by Jill McKeon, was published in HealthITSecurity on November 23, 2021.