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Stacy D. Phillips Featured on New Mini-Podcasting Platform JAM.AI

Blank Rome LLP is pleased to announce that partner Stacy D. Phillips is featured on JAM.AI, a new mini-podcast platform, where she shares her perspective on relationships, family law, and divorce in her series “Exes and Ohs with Stacy D. Phillips, Esq.” 

In her mini-podcast series, Stacy discusses her personal thoughts, stories, and tips on domestic issues ranging from keeping families together to navigating separation and divorce. Stacy’s "Jam" content comes from her viewpoint as a mom, twice-divorced spouse, and top family and divorce attorney to high-profile clients.

JAM, short for just a minute, features short podcasts that range from one to five minutes. The listener schedules podcasts to be delivered to their mobile device daily, choosing the speaker, content, and amount they listen to. Individuals in the United States can text "EXES AND OHS" to 552266 and they will immediately be sent the first episode and each subsequent episode once published. 

To listen to Exes and Ohs with Stacy D. Phillips, Esq., please click here.