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Sports Celebrations Can Raise Slew Of Coverage Claims

Law360 Insurance Authority

The Houston Astros’ World Series win over the Philadelphia Phillies didn’t lead to rioting in either city, but sports fans’ rowdy reactions to championship results have resulted in property damage⁠—and insurance claims⁠—in the past.

Sports championship parades involving millions of revelers can potentially result in business interruption losses for nearby stores and restaurants, and overzealous fans can cause property damage necessitating insurance coverage.


Amber N. Morris, an insurance recovery associate at Blank Rome LLP’s Philadelphia office, told Law360 that waiting periods for business interruption losses typically range from 24 to 72 hours, so a daylong shutdown may not trigger coverage, depending on the specific language in the policy.

“Waiting periods are almost like deductibles,” she said, explaining that they vary from policy to policy and that “if the policy contains a waiting period, and if the business wasn’t interrupted past that time,” there may be no coverage for those losses.

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“Sports Celebrations Can Raise Slew Of Coverage Claims,” by Shane Dilworth was published in Law360 Insurance Authority on November 10, 2022.