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Never Resting His Case

Long Island University Magazine

David A. Moreno, Jr. '08 has built an impressive resume through the first decade of his career as a rising star in the legal community. Named "Top Ten Under 40" by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys, Moreno's wealth of experience includes more than 1,200 criminal cases as an assistant district attorney with the New York County District Attorney's Office—one of the most prestigious in the country. He has gone on to successfully pursue ventures as a sports agent and entrepreneur while also becoming partner at three major law firms along the way.

Moreno recognizes his experience in the Honors College at Long Island University for giving him the foundation he needed to thrive in his professional and personal life.

"College was fairly easy for me just given the structure and the amount of free time you had," said Moreno. "But the honors program really gave me the challenge I needed to make me feel like I was growing as a student and growing as a person."

Moreno is a Long Island native who was attracted by the University's sprawling campus that gives it a "big college feel" while fostering a close-knit community. He enjoyed the opportunity to study close to home while simultaneously gaining access to the internships, jobs, and opportunities found nearby in New York City. He also played on the basketball team and formed lifelong friendships with his teammates.

When it came to deciding where to attend law school, Moreno's relationship with the dean of the Honors College proved to be crucial. They discussed the possibility of staying close to home and enrolling in one of New York's renowned law schools, but the dean ultimately convinced Moreno to diversify his background by attending the University of Miami.

"That helped push me out of my comfort zone," Moreno said. "It was such a small conversation, but having the availability to take an interest in my future is something that's not a priority at every institution, and it holds tremendous value."

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"Never Resting His Case" was published in the Fall 2022 edition of Long Island University Magazine.