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Man Praised for Rejecting In-Laws’ Expensive Wedding Gift, Prenup Demands


Prenuptial agreements can create security and reduce stress in a marriage or they can be a deal breaker. The latter was almost the case for a frustrated fiancé who asked Reddit users their opinion on his reaction to being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement by his fiancée's parents.


Lois Liberman, a New York-based litigator in matrimonial and family law practice at the Blank Rome law firm, told Newsweek: "Very often prenuptial negotiations unearth issues that you may not have seen during your courtship, certain fears or issues that cause them anxiety or unease."

She continued: "If you are the one being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement before the wedding, you should obviously consult an attorney before making any requests, to understand what you are being asked to waive and the financial significance of same. There are many types of things—clauses to be requested—you could ask to be included in the agreement, but it would depend upon what is being asked of you in the prenuptial agreement. No matter what, you need to understand what happens in the event of divorce and or death."

Here are Liberman's top five questions to ask when dealing with a prenuptial agreement such as this one:

1. Why do they want a prenuptial agreement?

"You need to understand the rationale behind the request in order to find out what/who is the driving force behind the request. Is it something that their family wants or has demanded be executed to protect family wealth? They might have heard horror stories or rumors about other people. Or do they have their doubts about you or the relationship?"

2. What are they trying to accomplish through the prenuptial agreement?

"What are the terms that they are looking to include? Do they want to protect assets, push you out of anticipated inheritances or family trusts? Do they want you to waive rights to maintenance, or are they more concerned by death or divorce?"

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"Man Praised for Rejecting In-Laws’ Expensive Wedding Gift, Prenup Demands," by Leonie Helm was published in Newsweek on March 27, 2023.