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A Love Triangle: A Scandal Reaching Across Two Continents for more than 30 Years

Steven Goldfeder was contacted by the New York Law Journal to comment on a case involving a man with two wives.  The man testified that he had never been married to his first, Indian wife, although they had four children together and she accounted for their seven–day ceremony.  However, letters from the man to one of his sons, requesting divorce papers, proved otherwise.

The letters were a "pretty clear" indicator of the parties' situation, said Mr. Goldfeder, who represented Ms. M.

Dr. R. "conditioned allowing the children to emigrate to the U.S. if they got him divorce papers from their mother," Mr. Goldfeder said in an interview.

“Court Recognizes Ceremony, Voids Second Indian Nuptials” by Grant Vesselin Mitev appeared in the New York Law Journal on July 22, 2008.