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Law Firm of the Year Winner 2023: Blank Rome

The Legal Intelligencer

Blank Rome was recently named the Law Firm of the Year in The Legal Intelligencer’s 2023 Pennsylvania Professional Excellence Awards. The Legal Intelligencer published a Q&A with Grant S. Palmer, Blank Rome's Chair and Managing Partner, in honor of the recognition. 

Grant Palmer, Chair and Managing Partner, Blank Rome

What’s one of the biggest challenges law firms face today?

Motivating people to get back to the office as much as possible and finding ways to balance the critical importance of in-office work with hybrid work. There is no doubt that we have moved into a new era where we can reap the benefits of both. However, there is no replacement for the opportunities that in-person work offers, including enhanced mentoring, professional and client-service development, exposure to other areas of practice and assignments, and deepened connections with colleagues and to the firm’s culture.

Conversely, name one opportunity available to law firms in the current climate.In these times of rapid and dramatic change, there are opportunities for law firms to develop and implement innovative approaches to enhance and even transform how we deliver services and support our clients. In the area of emerging technologies, we are seeing great opportunity for generative AI to augment existing legal technology tools, creating greater efficiencies and value for clients.

In 50 words or less, what does the legal profession need to do to prepare the next generation?

We need to educate the next generation of lawyers about the importance of serving others, making a positive impact on society, and professionalism.

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"Law Firm of the Year Winner 2023: Blank Rome," was published in The Legal Intelligencer on June 25, 2023.