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Kevin Costner, Estranged Wife, Should Settle after Court Wins: Experts


Amid a heated divorce battle, actor Kevin Costner and his estranged wife have been presented with an exit ramp in recent weeks to take their public feud private.


"They both had something to lose," Marilyn Chinitz, a divorce attorney and partner at Blank Rome, told Insider. "It's a short-term victory for her and it encourages both people to try to walk out and resolve this case." 

Chinitz's former clients include actors Tom Cruise and Michael Douglas. 

Baumgartner filed for divorce in May, and the split has been highly acrimonious, with the former couple lobbing barbs about each other through court filings. 

While the judge threw out a number accounting for moving costs, final child support payment figures will be determined when their assets are set and the divorce is finalized, Chinitz told Insider. After dealing with moving costs, the child support payments could be significantly lower for Baumgartner.


"Costner might not be incentivized to pay $129,755 a month and may want to get the case over with sooner rather than later," Chinitz told Insider

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"Kevin Costner, Estranged Wife, Should Settle after Court Wins: Experts," by Azmi Haroun was published in Insider on July 14, 2023.