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Is It True You Don’t Have to Pay Child Support after 10 Kids? A Lawyer Explains

People Magazine

A lawyer is setting the record straight on the laws of child support after Nick Cannon's family life became a hot topic on the new season of Selling Sunset.

On season 6 of the Netflix show, newcomer Bre Tiesi, 32, was quoted as saying that Cannon doesn't have to pay child support after having 10 kids. The reality TV star and the Masked Singer host, 42, share son Legendary Love, 11 months old. 


In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, New York City divorce attorney Marilyn Chinitz debunked Tiesi's claims and clarified what the law actually says.

“If you have a child, you have a legal obligation to support that child,” Chinitz tells PEOPLE. “Because if you don’t, it means that the state has to pay support and the state is not interested in supporting your child. So every parent has a legal obligation to pay support for their child.” 

Chinitz goes on to note that Cannon “is legally obligated to pay support for [his] 12 children."

"The court will look at a variety of factors that they consider when they figure out the child support obligation, but just because you have 11 kids, 12 kids, doesn’t mean that you get a pass.” 

In order to determine who receives the child support, the court looks at who is the custodial parent — or rather, which parent spends more than 51 percent of the time with the child, Chinitz explains.

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"Is It True You Don’t Have to Pay Child Support after 10 Kids? A Lawyer Explains," by Hannah Sacks was published in People Magazine on May 26, 2023.