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How Much Money Lauren Sánchez Will Likely Get in Jeff Bezos Prenup: Expert

Page Six

Lauren Sánchez’s bank account will get significantly bigger from the moment she says “I do” to multibillionaire Jeff Bezos.

The former news anchor, 53, could make at least $1,000,000 for “every year married,” attorney Brett Ward tells Page Six exclusively.

The partner and co-chair of the matrimonial and family law practice group at Blank Rome — who has no affiliation with either Bezos or Sánchez — adds that a “multimillion-dollar residence is not out of the question by any means.”


Ward tells Page Six that he does not suspect that the decision Bezos made going into his marriage with Scott will factor into whether or not he will get a prenup with Sánchez at all.

“Jeff is in a very different place now than he was then,” the attorney points out.

“He was on his way up and may have never been able to predict the level of wealth but now that is established.”

Ward says he would encourage Bezos to offer Sánchez a “fixed payment schedule tied to the length of the marriage in exchange for her waiving any of his assets or spousal support.”

“He can be sufficiently generous to her financially while at the same time saving the cost of an extended, costly, and likely public trial if the marriage does not work out,” the matrimonial law attorney says.

“This is a strategy we often employ with high-net-worth individuals. It protects their assets and peace of mind.”

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"How Much Money Lauren Sánchez Will Likely Get in Jeff Bezos Prenup: Expert," by Eileen Reslen was published in Page Six on May 23, 2023.