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How Ex-3rd Circ. Judge’s Values Drove Move to Blank Rome

Law360 Pulse

In deciding where to resettle after Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP closed its doors last month, former federal circuit jurist Timothy K. Lewis said he chose Blank Rome LLP in large part because of the firm's history as a champion of diversity.


Lewis sat down with Law360 Pulse this week to discuss Schnader Harrison's closure and his plans for his practice at Blank Rome.

You probably had your pick of any law firm you wanted after Schnader Harrison closed. Why did you move to Blank Rome?

Blank Rome is a firm that I've had considerable familiarity with over a long period of time. I worked with lawyers from Blank Rome during my time with Schnader Harrison. I had Blank Rome lawyers appear before me while I was a federal judge. I have a lot of familiarity with the firm, and the very high level of professionalism and the caliber of lawyers associated with it.

I am also familiar with the considerable values of the firm. I have spent a career deeply involved in efforts to make things more equal in my profession and society as a whole. I remain engaged in those efforts and will continue to do that until I draw my last breath. Blank Rome shares that value as an institution. It was founded partly because acts of discrimination closed doors of opportunity to lawyers at the firm.

That history and set of values is the reason I chose to join Blank Rome. I will continue to do that work as I continue to further my professional efforts as an arbitrator, mediator, appellate and trial counselor and adviser for companies and individuals.


As you start at Blank Rome, what are your top priorities? Do you see yourself returning to a leadership role similar to what you had at Schnader Harrison, or are you focusing solely on client service?

I will continue the mission I've been on all of these years: to provide top-level professional services to clients. I will also continue to fight for civil rights, human rights, equal access, diversity and inclusion throughout my profession, the law firm and the country.

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"How Ex-3rd Circ. Judge’s Values Drove Move to Blank Rome," by James Boyle was published in Law360 Pulse on September 12, 2023.