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How Cities Use Data to Widen Resiliency

Bond Buyer

Cities coping with phenomena like climate change and cybersecurity, often forced to fend for themselves, are empowering themselves through data mining and other smart technologies.


Interest has become more mainstream, said Alan Rubin, a storm financing expert and a principal in the government relations unit at law firm Blank Rome LLP in New York.

“It's no longer just an 'eco' thing,” said Rubin, known as the “Hurricane Czar” for crafting a catastrophe fund on behalf of Lehman Brothers after Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida in 1992. “It used to be ‘hair’s on fire’ recovery people. Now there’s an economy around it all. You saw new people at the conference, like developers and aviation folks."

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"How Cities Use Data to Widen Resiliency," by Paul Burton was published in Bond Buyer on May 18, 2018.