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The ‘Final Straw’ That Led to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Divorce

Evenings in the beer garden at the Fleur de Lys pub in Lowsonford are idyllic. Drinkers gaze out over the Stratford Canal, looking at houseboats while the sun dips below the Warwickshire hills.

For Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas — she internationally famous thanks to her role in Game Of Thrones; he for his chart success with the Jonas Brothers — a level of anonymity which comes with rural life must have been an added attraction.


Turner and Jonas meanwhile have agreed to live in New York and share custody while Turner's filing there is determined. Jonas's lawyers say Turner has also filed for divorce in the UK via her UK law firm, Harbottle and Lewis.

Michelle M. Gervais, a partner at Blank Rome LLP, who does not represent either side, this week characterised Turner's strategy so far to the Mail as 'very smart' and said that it put her in mind of the anti-hero of the TV series The Wire: 'When you come at the king [or in this case the queen], you best not miss.'

She added: 'Ms. Turner's filing under the Hague in NY Federal court was a great legal move and one that has a lot more merit than Mr Jonas filing for divorce in Florida. A kidnapping case is governed by treaties between the United States and contracting parties like the UK and will be watched closely by both the U.S. State Department and the UK.

'If Ms Turner is successful, a court in the UK will thereafter decide custody. Ms Turner's filing should immediately stay Mr. Jonas's divorce proceeding in Florida.'

Gervais added that she believes Turner has an 'excellent chance' of getting the children returned to the UK, and the divorce being settled here subsequently.

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"The ‘Final Straw’ That Led to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Divorce: Alison Boshoff Goes inside Incendiary Split That Gossips Say Began When He Saw Her ‘Disparaging’ Him on a Ring Video Doorbell," by Alison Boshoff and Daniel Bates was published in the Daily Mail Online on October 6, 2023.