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EEOC-Initiated Lawsuits Shot up 52% In Latest Fiscal Year

Corporate Counsel

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed 143 discrimination lawsuits in its just-completed fiscal year—a 52% increase from the 94 reported last year, a spike in activity that employment attorneys predict will be exceeded this fiscal year.


Expect even more cases in fiscal 2024, employment attorneys say, now that the five-member commission is under Democratic control for the first time since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021.


“The edict is, ‘We want to do everything within our power to prevent discrimination of any sort, or any unfair treatment of employees,’” said Mara Levin, a Blank Rome partner.

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"EEOC-Initiated Lawsuits Shot up 52% In Latest Fiscal Year," by Hugo Guzman was published in Corporate Counsel on October 4, 2023.