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Divorce Spiking during Pandemic

The Legal Examiner

Blank Rome Partner Michelle M. Gervais was interviewed by The Legal Examiner on the spike of divorce cases during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, discussing how her family law practice has seen the divorce caseload double and her thoughts on why there has been such an increase. Michelle also discusses the stress on the court systems as judges navigate virtual hearings and litigation proceedings as well as an increase in paternity cases.

Interview excerpt:

As the country watched coronavirus cases spiking this spring, family law attorneys were watching another spike—in people wanting to file for divorce.  

“We basically shut down our practice voluntarily. I think my last day in the office was March 13th. I would say a week after that business just started booming,’’ said divorce attorney Michelle Gervais, a partner at Blank Rome in Tampa, FL. “I mean an astronomical climb.”

Internet searches for divorce information reportedly rose over 30% in the spring. Gervais doesn’t know about actual filings nationwide, but she knows her divorce caseload has doubled. 

“I don’t have access to other firms’ numbers, but I can certainly tell you that my business is at least 50% up from last year at this time.”

Gervais said she thinks the numbers could go even higher. 

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“Divorce Spiking during Pandemic,” by Craig Kopp was published in The Legal Examiner on August 17, 2020.