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Celebrity Divorce Lawyers Explain Why There Have Been So Many A-List Splits: ‘It Almost Seems Contagious'


It’s been a very bad year for celebrity marriages.


So what’s with all the high-profile breakups? According to New York-based celebrity divorce lawyers Nancy Chemtob, from Chemtob Moss Forman & Beyda, and Brett Ward, the Chair of Blank Rome’s matrimonial practice, there are myriad reasons celebs — and non-famous people too — have been ending their marriages lately. “It’s almost contagious,” notes Chemtob.

Below, the two experts lay out what they think is really causing the recent spate of splits.


The pandemic was a major factor

Brett Ward blames a lot of it on the pandemic. “What I think is happening is that during Covid, a lot of relationships that may have ended during that two-year period couldn't because a lot of people were staying together out of necessity, out of needing to be protected, and the court system not being available to them,” he says.

“So what's happening is that people are coming out of that, going back to work, going back to their regular lives, and now they have an out. I think there's basically four years of divorce happening in two years.”


Celebrity marriages are naturally difficult

"When two celebrities marry each other, even if it’s varying degrees of celebrity, it’s a tremendous change for one of them,” says Ward. “Especially if there are children involved, and one person has to take a step back out of the limelight, which is very difficult ... When you’re talking about major celebrities, one of them is often going to be on set, sometimes for weeks or months, which is a tremendous strain on the marriage — especially if one person is back home changing diapers.”

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"Celebrity Divorce Lawyers Explain Why There Have Been So Many A-List Splits: ‘It Almost Seems Contagious'," by Gillian Telling and Andrea Mandell was published in People on October 19, 2023.