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Blank Rome Joins Newly Launched Law Firm Antiracism Alliance

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Blank Rome LLP is proud to announce that the Firm has joined the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance ("LFAA"), a coalition of more than 125 firms to date that will work with other organizations that are uniting to identify and dismantle systemic racism in the law and in government institutions. More information and resource links to the LFAA Charter and participating firms was featured in The American Lawyer article, Over 125 Firms Have Joined the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance (June 24, 2020).

“Blank Rome is honored to be part of the LFAA’s effort to promote race equity and justice among law firms and help create meaningful and lasting change in our communities and the legal profession at large,” said Grant S. Palmer, Blank Rome’s Managing Partner and CEO. “Through our participation in the LFAA, and the progressive initiatives set forth by our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Pro Bono Committee, and leadership, we hope to honor our founders’ vision of fostering an environment where people of diverse backgrounds can gather to practice law and seek justice for all.”

In joining the LFAA and upholding its Charter, Blank Rome and fellow participating firms “commit to leverage the resources of the private bar to amplify the voices of communities and individuals oppressed by racism; better use the law as a vehicle for change to benefit communities of color; and to promote racial equity in the law and in government institutions.” Additionally, law firms “acknowledge their ongoing responsibility to increase diversity, equitable access to opportunities and inclusion of people of color within their ranks, and, in tandem with the LFAA’s pro bono efforts, the leaders of LFAA law firms are committed to examining and eliminating internal policies and practices that may perpetuate racial inequities within law firm structures and to empowering diversity and inclusion professionals through this process.”

“During this unsettling time and as we process the recent events that have both inspired and renewed calls for justice and equality across our nation and the world, Blank Rome is more dedicated than ever to our Firm’s core value and founding principle—an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion,” stated Sophia Lee, Partner and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Blank Rome. “In joining this important LFAA alliance, we continue in the trailblazing footsteps of the late Honorable Judge Nathaniel R. Jones, our Firm’s first Chief Officer of Diversity and Inclusion who dedicated his life to answering the call for racial justice, and proactively work towards a legal profession and world where people of color are no longer victims of systemic issues in our laws, regulations, and policies.”

The LFAA will also facilitate large-scale pro bono projects that address systemic racism that are both immediate and long-term in scope, with priority areas determined by affected communities, community organizers, policy experts, and legal aid partners.

“Blank Rome’s core values of respect for the individual, the community, and the law have continued to inspire our Firm’s leadership in pro bono and community activities since its inception more than 70 years ago,” said Kathy E. Ochroch, Partner and Director of Pro Bono Services at Blank Rome. “We are honored to join in this historic LFAA alliance and we are committed to working to achieve equality and justice for people of color.” 

The LFAA will mark its official launch by hosting a virtual summit in Summer 2020 to facilitate discussions among law firm leaders, diversity and inclusion professionals, and pro bono professionals, facilitated by experts in the areas of racial justice and systemic project design, to develop the LFAA's strategic focus and to plan a broad summit for Fall 2020.