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Biometric Privacy

Corporate Disputes Magazine

Partner Jeffrey N. Rosenthal, who serves as Blank Rome's biometric privacy team lead, was featured in a Q&A interview about biometric privacy in the OctoberDecember issue of Corporate Disputes Magazine. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

Could you provide an overview of how US businesses are applying biometric technologies? What are some of the common uses you are seeing?

Rosenthal: US businesses are rapidly implementing biometric technologies across a wide array of industries. We often see biometric technologies – most commonly fingerprint scanning – used by employers to track employee time and attendance in lieu of a badge or pin number system. In the consumer sector, retailers in the areas of personal electronics, cosmetics, social media and personal apparel have all been targeted for biometric class actions. In other sectors, the healthcare industry is applying biometric technology for virtual patient care, check-in procedures, and for healthcare employee access to medication and pharmaceuticals. Other businesses using biometrics include the travel industry, including airline and cruise ships, online and in-person casino gaming, and sports and entertainment.

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